Sunday, December 5, 2010

You Must be This High to be in Congress

"Psst! Take this note!"
"What is it?"
"It's a note saying we're not gonna let those guys do anything 'cause we don't like 'em! C'mon, sign it!!"

You would think that is a conversation one would only hear in a school room, but, it's happened or is happening in our halls of government. Word came out last week that the Republican senators are quietly circulating a memo, encouraging all of their fellows to sign, that states they will block anything presented by the Democrats during this last session of Congress.

Really? Really???

What the hell, guys? I mean, there's an age limit for serving in Congress, but it obviously doesn't apply to emotional maturity. As a kid, I was taught to play well with others, even if we didn't always agree. There's still a bright, shiny kid inside me that wants to believe that people who are elected to public office are there to serve the people. There to get along with others (what's John McCain always saying? "Reach across the aisle"?), and do what needs to be done. I know that's idealistic. I know it doesn't happen.

It has happened before. I mean, I remember reading that Mr. McCain did just that on more than one occasion. What happened to that man? Oh, that's right. He decided to tow the party line to try to get elected. Twice. He's no longer a maverick, assuming he ever was one. But this isn't specifically about him.

I make no claims to being all knowing about the political doings of the folks in Washington. The item about the Republicans passing a note though really pisses me off. I thought people only did that shit in school? To me, that seems to have it a new low in immaturity from our elected officials. What's really more important? The war(s)? The economy? Tax cuts for the middle class? Joblessness & extending unemployment? Nope. Apparently what's important is the feeling of smug, self-righteousness that can be gained by saying, "see, we don't like you, so we're not going to help."