Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tour de Campbell's, part 2

As promised, I bring to you reviews of the other Cream of Chicken varieties I tried. Yesterday, I sampled Cream of Chicken with Mushroom. It smelled a bit like what you would expect - chicken & mushrooms combined. The flavor...was more like cream of mushroom with a few chicken bits thrown in. Bland, boring, would not eat by itself again. It could perhaps serve as a creamy base for a chicken stroganoff if you were in a pinch.

Today I had regular cream of chicken....though not quite, because it was labeled the "healthy" option, mostly fat free, lower sodium or whatever the green ribbon across the Campbell's can means. The smell was off-putting. I added pepper and that improved it some. Taste however was, well, chickeny. I've had it before while very sick and there's a strange comfort to it's bland, chicken-ness. Not a favorite, but definitely not terrible to consume.

Both soups were eaten with saltines, mostly crumbled up and mixed in. Not sure either would have been improved by eating with anything else.

There you have it. Tomorrow, I'm back to chicken noodle. And hopefully soon, on to regular non-soup foods.

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